Initial whereabouts reports of the missing Malaysian Airlines FLT MH370 and Korean Air Lines FLT 007

Malaysian MH 370 had been tracked by radar as leaving Malaysian air space on its way to Beijing but at a point just past hand-off of the flight by Malaysian Air Traffic Control and prior to Chinese Air Traffic control acquisition (while it was in "dead space"), it veered westward, a satellite picked up its automatic hourly "handshake" beep (ACARS signal). Either the pilots or hijackers had turned off its Transponder so that it could no longer be followed in its flight. The Transponder works in this way: a ground station sends a radio signal in the direction of the plane at a certain range which automatically makes "enquiry" of the plane.

The Story told by Shoes about passengers of

KAL 007 shot down by the Soviets on Sept. 1, 1983

On Monday, September 26, 1983, 25 days after the shootdown of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 by the Soviets, a delegation of seven Japanese and American officials arriving aboard the Japanese patrol boat Tsugaru, met a six-man Soviet delegation at the port of Nevelsk on Sakhalin Island. KGB Major General A. I.

Nine intentional passenger (cargo) airliner ditchings have been documented. These figures are for intentional water ditchings, usually as a result of in-flight fuel depletion, rather than an accidental overshoot of landing runway into a body of water.

The Tracking of KAL 007 to the water: an interview

The following account had met with great reservation until, but one year later, Boris Yeltsin released the Secret Memos of KGB head Victor Chebrikov and Defense Minister Dmitri Ustinov to head of the Soviet Union Yuri Andropov. These memos did substantiate that, indeed, the descent of KAL 007 had been tracked by Soviet radar and that the radar scr...eens had been photographed during the whole incident [1].

What is left to say about this tragedy? Bert Schlossberg returns with 6 pieces of evidence that suggest we have never been told the truth about Flight 007. Survivors may still be out there; Schlossberg implores us not to forget and not to give up on this Cold War catastrophe.

Soviet military personnel involved

Kornukov—General Anatoli Kornukov, Commander Sokol Air Force Base (Sakhalin). Kornukov was appointed Russia’s new Air Force Commander by Boris Yeltsin on January 22, 1998. He served in this capacity until retiring in January 2002.

Gerasimenko—Lt. Colonel, Acting Commander, 41st Fighter Regiment

Novoseletski—Lt. Colonel, Acting Chief of Staff, Fighter Division, Smirnykh Air Force Base


(Top photo - Capt. chun Byung-in, pilot of KAL 007)

Here are the most dramatic and real time, events and words of the shoot down of KAL 007 passengers and their abduction by the Soviets, the combination U.S. Electonic intercepts by the U.S.

More dramatic than any motion picture, the shoot down of KAL 007 by the Soviets on Sept. 1.

Democratic Congressman from Georgia, 7th district

Larry McDonald

We consider the following reports concerning the survival and subsequent happenings to be "credible".This means that evidences for Congressman Larry McDonald's survival are compelling but not conclusive. What is needed is further serious investigation and Federal Government involvement and commitment.

The "Black Box" will tell us. KAL 007's Black Box can be viewed as a mechanism, or it can be viewed as a "fine instrument" or rather, fine instruments which together engulf us in a symphony of understandings as to what occurred on the flight deck that fateful night. More precisely, what happened the first minute and 44 second of that night.