Did you know that the earliest known church is found in the prison for terrorists in the Valley of Armageddon?

With a number of others, on invitation by the Israeli Government Antiquities Authority, we boarded the Jerusalem bus charted by ...the government to be taken to Armageddon in the Jezreel, the gigantic and beautiful valley of the final battle. Following the same road that Egyptian Pharoah, Thutmose III took, notorious for ambush, we entered the Jezrael valley, at the point of the valley of the Mountain (hAR) of the ancient city Megiddo (MEGEDDON). We were being taken to Megiddo prison, the only prison for terrorists in the north of Israel.

The Sign of the Cross: of Jewish Origin

An Essay

I see the New Testament as intensly Jewish. But outside of the New Testament, is there anything else that is intensely Jewish that speaks of Jesus? Yes there is, and I will tell you of it. Let's take for instance the Cross.

Korean Air Lines Flight 007 transcripts

Korean Air Lines Flight 007 transcripts  (1983)

International Civil Aviation Organization

sister projects: Commons category. Korean Air Lines Flight 007 transcripts concerns the air traffic control, flight voice recorder and military communications leading up to and immediately after the shooting down of Korean Air Lines Flight 007.

The "Black Box" will tell us. KAL 007's Black Box can be viewed as a mechanism, or it can be viewed as a "fine instrument" or rather, fine instruments which together engulf us in a symphony of understandings as to what occurred on the flight deck that fateful night. More precisely, what happened the first minute and 44 second of that night.

With attention riveted on what can be heard from the Cockpit Voice Recorder of the Germanwings flight that was driven into the mountain side by its murderous and suicidal co-pilot, I offer to you what can be learned from the Cockpit Voice Recorder of KAL 007:

"What happened to KAL 007 when the missile exploded? How do the tapes help us to understand?

In a symphony, each instrument has its own individual "story line", yet there is one overriding theme that includes them all.

“In Their Own Words”

Very often, the deepest penetration into the truth of a matter occurs when we allow,without comment, the pivotal players and the keenest commentators to speak for themselves. And so it is with the case of KAL 007.

On KAL 007’s condition after missile detonation

Lt. Col.

In a short time, starting with the bringing in of General Valentin Varennikov to Sakhalin Island for "damage control", the Soviets succeeded in concealing the fact that they had known all along, from the very moment of attack, where KAL 007 was located in the air and where it had come down, and to keep the combined air and naval U.S., Japanese, South Korean search and rescue effort from entering the Soviet territorial waters around Moneron Island.

The date of Benjamin Netanyahu's address to the U.S. Congress concerning Iran's nuclear designs coincided with the Jewish Festival of Purim. coincidence? 

Background: 486- 465 BC

*After King Ahasuerus (also known as Xerxes) the King of Persia, demoted his wife Vashtifor disobedience, his servants sought throughout all the providences of his kingdom for "fair young virgins" in order to find a new queen (Esther 2:2-3).

Orde Charles Wingate

Both my sons, Daniel and Jonathan, were mustered to their duty in the Israel Defense Forces to the grueling "weeding out" process undergone through the sand dunes and obstacles of the Wingate Institute, at the Mediterranean coast of central Israel. Who is this Orde Wingate, that the IDF uses an Institute named after him, whom Israel names the "Friend" - HaYedid? A Jewish philanthopist, a great Zionist? Not exactly. Jewish, no, a philanthropist, no, a Zionist, yes.

Will America go the way of parts of Europe?


February 11, 2015 



Though usually thought of as separate, these three - America, Israel, the Biblical faith - are joined together, by the will of God, into one mighty stream to be a blessing to all.

It is said in my family, that my grandfather Abraham was a great American.