"The Throne of David". "The House of David". Sonorous, Commanding! Prophetic from ancient of days. Herald to the Messiah, Inheritor of the Throne, the King Messiah, Son of David. But was it real? Or perhaps, made up by zealous and fictionalizing Christians to support their beliefs. As their Gospel favorite, Luke would write - Joseph went with Mary and the Child to Bethlehem, David's City, to be registered "because he was of the 'House and Lineage of David'".

Hundreds of years previous, the Prophet Isaiah would pronounce against the "House of David", "Hear now, you 'House of David'! Is it not enough to try the patience of men? Will you try the patience of my God also?" He also spoke of a "Prince of Peace... who will reign on 'David's Throne'".

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They Tried to Destroy the Passenger Plane...

Korean Air Lines Flight 007 transcripts

Korean Air Lines Flight 007 transcripts  (1983)

International Civil Aviation Organization

sister projects: Commons category. Korean Air Lines Flight 007 transcripts concerns the air traffic control, flight voice recorder and military communications leading up to and immediately after the shooting down of Korean Air Lines Flight 007.

Few Americans ever learn of the "nuts and bolts" of a the attack of a suicide bomber. The "nuts and bolts" is meant figurativly and literally. This is offered as a means of realizing how one takes place and the immediate effect as well as the longer range ones. It is taken from the experience of our family. May God preserve us all!

The purpose - to instill fear in the heart, to demoralize, to make a point, to hate to oblivion, and to go immediately to Paradise.

The recent Russian close call fly bys in the Baltic are no mere show and have potential for nuclear conflagration. This is not the first time, Here is how it happened before Putin. The U.S. backdown had dire consequenses.

Terrorist attack in Jerusalem from two angles.

Such a grave responsibility is laid on the shoulders of the press to present the truth, not partial truths, but the whole truth. In this blog.

You Judge!

People that know me, know I like for my English Bible the King James Bible. I'm a King James man! It doesn't bother me that it is nigh impossible to understand for the casual reader of this generation. You see, I know that is how the Bible really is, the "original Bible", the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh. Today, every single translation in English is totally uniform, same style throughout.

The "Black Box" will tell us. KAL 007's Black Box can be viewed as a mechanism, or it can be viewed as a "fine instrument" or rather, fine instruments which together engulf us in a symphony of understandings as to what occurred on the flight deck that fateful night. More precisely, what happened the first minute and 44 second of that night.

The date of Benjamin Netanyahu's address to the U.S. Congress concerning Iran's nuclear designs coincided with the Jewish Festival of Purim. coincidence? 

Background: 486- 465 BC

*After King Ahasuerus (also known as Xerxes) the King of Persia, demoted his wife Vashtifor disobedience, his servants sought throughout all the providences of his kingdom for "fair young virgins" in order to find a new queen (Esther 2:2-3).

Isaac "bound", the Jews and the Arabs, and Jesus Christ 

C.S. Lewis — 'I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.' following this, we also ought to be able to see the rays of truth, reflected in and bouncing off, enlightening realities all around us, until we see the central Son as the source of all truth and beauty and benefit.