“In Their Own Words”

Very often, the deepest penetration into the truth of a matter occurs when we allow,without comment, the pivotal players and the keenest commentators to speak for themselves. And so it is with the case of KAL 007.

On KAL 007’s condition after missile detonation

Lt. Col. Novoseletski, Smirnykh Air Base Flight Division acting Chief of Staff to Combat

Controller Titovnin while tracking KAL 007 on radar:

“Well, what is happening, what is the matter, who guided him in, he locked on,

why didn’t he shoot it down?”

Gen. Kornukov, Commander of Sokol Air Base, Sakhalin, and tactical commander of the

shootdown to Lt. Col.

In a short time, starting with the bringing in of General Valentin Varennikov to Sakhalin Island for "damage control", the Soviets succeeded in concealing the fact that they had known all along, from the very moment of attack, where KAL 007 was located in the air and where it had come down, and to keep the combined air and naval U.S., Japanese, South Korean search and rescue effort from entering the Soviet territorial waters around Moneron Island.

The date of Benjamin Netanyahu's address to the U.S. Congress concerning Iran's nuclear designs coincided with the Jewish Festival of Purim. coincidence? 

Background: 486- 465 BC

*After King Ahasuerus (also known as Xerxes) the King of Persia, demoted his wife Vashtifor disobedience, his servants sought throughout all the providences of his kingdom for "fair young virgins" in order to find a new queen (Esther 2:2-3).

Orde Charles Wingate

Both my sons, Daniel and Jonathan, were mustered to their duty in the Israel Defense Forces to the grueling "weeding out" process undergone through the sand dunes and obstacles of the Wingate Institute, at the Mediterranean coast of central Israel. Who is this Orde Wingate, that the IDF uses an Institute named after him, whom Israel names the "Friend" - HaYedid? A Jewish philanthopist, a great Zionist? Not exactly. Jewish, no, a philanthropist, no, a Zionist, yes.

Will America go the way of parts of Europe?


February 11, 2015 



Though usually thought of as separate, these three - America, Israel, the Biblical faith - are joined together, by the will of God, into one mighty stream to be a blessing to all.

It is said in my family, that my grandfather Abraham was a great American.

Jesus said to Peter:

"And I say to you , You are Peter ("Rock" in Greek - Petros, and in Aramaic - Cepha), and upon this Rock, I will build my Church, and the gates ("pulai" in Greek, "sha'ar" in Hebrew) of Hell shall not prevail against it." Matt. 16:18

When the words of Jesus are read or heard, the understanding that occurs is often the opposite of what is intended. Often the understanding is that the Church will be preserved from succumbing under the battering of Hell.

Dear people

As some of you know, a few days ago there was a horrible massacre in a synagogue In Israel. Terrorist came in and shot, and hacked, and stabbing and gouging, and beheaded killing four rabbis and wounding many others, before they were shot and killed by Israeli police. But here is a daughter and a brother of two who were killed, speaking about their loved ones.

Israel's war against Iran: the covert natural and the overt spiritual

The very first secular mention of Israel, we see that it was wiped off the face of the earth - so it was claimed. But how wrong can you be! The earliest recorded mention of the name "Israel" is in an Egyptian hymn of victory dating to Pharaoh Mer-nep-tah (about 1230 BCE), and it reads, "Israel is laid waste, his offspring is wiped out." Yet somehow history records a different ending to the story.

KAL 007 and the missing Malaysian airliner: similarities and differences:

Initial whereabouts reports of the missing Malaysian Airlines FLT MH370 and Korean Air Lines FLT 007

Malaysian MH 370 had been tracked by radar as leaving Malaysian air space on its way to Beijing but at a point just past hand-off of the flight by Malaysian Air Traffic Control and prior to Chinese Air Traffic control acquisition (while it was in "dead space"), it veered westward, a satellite having picked up its automati

This is Memorial Day, 2014- for America. Originally a day of decorating the graves of the Union Army of the Civil war, and later extended to decorate the graves of the fallen on the Confederate side, and then united North and South to remember all the fallen of the Civil War, and then of all the wars, It received the name Decoration Day (with U.S. flags), and celebrated on May 30th. Now Decoration Day/Memorial Day is celebrated that last Monday of May making a 3 day weekend.